Beginners Navigation Courses, are a good starting point to using map and compass.

I can also run The National Navigation Award Scheme (NNAS)

There are three levels – the Bronze Award, the Silver Award and the Gold  Award. Progressing through the three awards will take you from being an absolute map and compass novice right through to be an expert navigator at Gold.

The NNAS Navigator Awards (Bronze, Silver and Gold) are accredited by the Scottish Credit & Qualifications Framework (SCQF) at Level 4, 5 and 6 respectively and 2 SCQF credit points are awarded on completion (see our FAQ page for more information).

NNAS Bronze (£150pp) and Silver (£165pp) courses delivered over two full days. You will need your own map reading equipment.

Instructor ratio: 1:8 maximum


Yorkshire Dales, Lake District and Snowdonia.


Can be one day or two days. The NNAS Bronze and Silver courses are two days.


  • Orientating the map and identifying land features (large and small)
  • Understanding your ‘journey’
  • Interpreting contours
  • Measuring distances on the map and on the ground
  • Using the compass for general direction and rough bearings
  • Simple navigational strategies
  • Basic relocation strategies – what to do if you are lost